Monday, November 14, 2011

Audio McSwagger - The Rapture FREE D/L

Audio McSwagger is a new musical genre defying collaboration of talented, passionate artists that incorporates drums, bass, guitars, a DJ and an MC. We call this transformed genre: “Rock & Flow”.

Their sound is unique unto itself due to the blend of genres from which all the band members’ hail. The bass and rhythm guitarist come from various forms of rock backgrounds while Milz, the lead guitarist, DJ, and the drummer, all come from various hip hop and R&B backgrounds. This fusion has been attempted before with little to no success, but through a unique chemistry of friendship and love for all forms of music, the marriage they have created sounds and seems to be effortless and natural. Lend an ear or come to a show and listen to the influences as they range from Jimi Hendrix to the Rolling Stones all the way through Tupac and Weezer (whom the band actually does a cover for).

Armande Milhouse is the face of Audio McSwagger. His passion for the project and life experiences is the true backbone of @McSwaggerMusic. “We would love an opportunity to be showcased in the Providence Monthly as we continue to support the local music and art scene here in Providence.” He has been writing lyrics, poetry and singing since he was a child in the choir at the church in which his mother was the Deaconess. After her passing in November of 1988, he found a refuge in music that had otherwise escaped him.Many people close to him have given him a name, which has stayed with him through the years. Milz is short for his last name Milhouse and since then he has grown to be known as Audio McSwagger, a front for a collaborative effort between himself and a 5 piece band of artists from Rhode Island and Boston, MA. The groups latest offering, “The Rapture” is the culmination of 2 years work. “I give this art to you all..share responsibly. This shit is straight CRACK!”


Saturday, November 12, 2011


"On Fri., Nov. 11, the three-man Atlanta hip-hop crew featuring Mr. SOS, Ricky Raw and A-Bomb, better known as Mighty High Coup, will celebrate the release of its latest self-released CD, Boom Rap. The album is a slow-and-low party odyssey that’s all about weed, women and song, combining the bedside manner of the Beastie Boys circa Licensed to Ill with a Southern drawl and a big, booming bass-gone-ham. Boom Rap is a more cohesive offering than anything that showed up on last year's CD, To the Moon, which was comprised mostly of rough song mixes — the result of MC Ricky Raw’s computer getting stolen, along with all of the recording sessions he’d been saving on his hard drive. This latest 14-song collection was completed by local producer Wes Green (the Wheeler Boys, Nappy Roots, Zac Brown Band, Franchise Boys, Coool Breeze, etc.) who made all the beats from scratch, and there’s only like two samples heard throughout the whole thing, so naturally it’s a much different record for these guys. If To the Moon was MHC’s "get high album," Boom Rap is its “get drunk album.” Likewise, it has a broader appeal than any of the previous releases even though it’s very characteristic of the group's style. If you’re in the mood for more of a sample-heavy hip-hop joint from these guys, sit tight. MHC’s Darkside of the Boom mixtape is a return to form that’s in the works, and it should be arriving soon...." -Chad Radford for Creative Loafing



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dirty Durdie - "Steamed Veggies" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

The first video from DirtyDurdie's mix-album "Rhymanese Diner," "Steamed Veggies" is a visually provoking short film created by an alliance of audio, video and motion design talent from southern New England. Visit for more.

DirtyDurdie - Steamed Veggies [HD] from DirtyDurdie on Vimeo.